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About BEST FC Youth Academy

"A win can be forgotten in 5 minutes, developing technique will last a lifetime" 

The BEST FC Youth Academy offers young soccer players, ages 6-9,  training from BEST FC's professional coaches. The objective of the Academy is to provide a year-round soccer training program that will develop young players to their potential, focusing on top-quality instruction. It is a program for players who enjoy soccer, want to get better, and want to pursue soccer as perhaps a long-term sport of choice. Players who want to go on to play competitive soccer will find the Academy to be a rewarding place to be because they will learn the skills needed to take the next step and participate on those competitive teams. 

The Academy program stresses player development versus results. It is much more important to develop players within the proper framework at this age as opposed to demanding that teams win at all costs.  If the goal is just to win, there are shortcuts that coaches can take at the expense of developing the player and the team. By focusing on developing the player and putting them in the best training situation that fits the individual, this helps the entire team and success will follow.

The BEST FC coaches who will be working with these players are superb at training and understanding these younger players. Therefore, you can be completely comfortable knowing that your child is receiving the BEST soccer instruction for their age and ability.Each player is trained by BEST FC staff  once a week with a goal of inspiring and preparing young players to eventually participate in the BEST FC competitive program. Training incorporates weekly small sided games to optimize touches on the ball and develop age appropriĀ­ate game awareness. The developmental youth academy is committed to the individual. Five subjects are covered over the course of the season. A variety of games with an emphasis on fun and individual improvement will be used to cover these subjects.

1. First touch/ Ball mastery

2. Passing and receiving

3. Defensive 1 v 1 tactics

4. Finishing (shooting / scoring)

5. Creativity

Players at this age can learn to love the game and develop positive habits and attitudes which provide the foundations for soccer excellence down the road. The emphasis at this age is fun and enjoyment where everything is positive and creativity is encouraged. If kids enjoy the game at this introductory age then hopefully they will be playing and enjoying the game for years to come!
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