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The BEST indoor clinics, including the Footskills/Ball Mastery Clinic, SAQ, Striker School, Goalkeeping Academy, and Youth Academies, are designed to improve fitness and skills of young athletes. 

BEST Striker Clinic: SHOOT/FINISH/GOAL!! Learn different techniques to strike the ball such as power shots, volleys, chip shots, curling the ball with the inside and outside of your foot; breakdown striking techniques individually; improve connection with the ball. For more information, click HERE.



Each week, play in a round-robin mini tournament! 5v5 with rotation of players and teams. Just play for 1 hour! 

BEST Foot Skills & Ball Mastery: Improve your skills, whatever your position or ability. Become quicker with and without the ball. For more information, click HERE.

BEST FC SAQ (Speed, Agility, and Quickness) Clinic: Break the stigma of exercise being boring with fun drills designed to discretely train and improve performance. Agility is improved with multi-directional movement needs for all sports. Co-ordination is improved with linking body parts to work in tandem, e.g. hand/eye. Quicker response times and fast twitch muscle fiber, gives the child ‘body awareness’ of what belongs to them. Removing ‘awkward’ movements and replacing with cohesive movements, reducing potential injuries and postural deformities.

BEST Midfield Maestro's: The midfield positions are some of the most demanding positions in soccer and to be an effective midfielder you must be constantly on the move to provide both support for both the attack and defense and also distribute the ball around the field. 
Sessions will include individual player development and technical work, 1 vs 1 activities and small sided game situations and conditioned games with the focus on midfield principles and tactics. For more information, click HERE.

BEST FC Youth Academy: Players will continue to learn the fundamentals of the game: dribbling, passing, turning, receiving, and shooting. Training incorporates weekly small sided games to optimize touches on the ball. For more information, click HERE.

BEST Goalkeeper Clinic: Sessions are tailored to the ages and ability of participants. Players are taught in a learning environment which is both fun and challenging. Topics covered include: Ready Position/Scoop Technique/Cup Technique;  'W' Technique/Collapse Dive; Low Diving Save/High Diving Save; One v One/Dealing with Crosses. For more information, click HERE.

Session 2 BEST Indoor Clinics

BEST Soccer and BEST FC Winter Clinics 
Teamworks Northborough (185 Otis St., Northborough)

Session 2

Monday's January 4 - February 8  (6 weeks)
Midfield Maestro's 4:00-5:00pm Turf 3  Fee: $105

Tuesday's February 2 - April 5 (10 weeks)
BEST FC Girls Academy 4:00-5:00pm Fee: $160
BEST FC Boys Academy 4:00-5:30pm Fee: $225
BEST FC First KIX! ages 3-5   4:00-5:00pm Fee: $160
BEST FC MiniKickers ages 5-8  4:00-5:00pm  Fee: $160

Thursday's January 7 - February 18 (7 weeks)
Shoot/Finish/GOAL!  5:00-6:00pm Turf 1  Fee: $125

Friday's January 8 - February 19 (7 weeks)
Footskills and Ball Mastery 4:00-5:00pm Fee: $125 

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