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Be the fastest player on the field — train for Speed, Agility, and Quickness with BEST FC this winter. SAQ training increases a players top-speed, ability to change directions efficiently, and rate of acceleration. It helps you break away on goal, make space to work in, and evade a tackle. Fitness is a vital part of the game for a competitive soccer player, and your best way to develop it is by training SAQ with BEST FC. 

SAQ Instructor: Mino Caulton
Mino has several years of experience training competitive players for speed. He uses his experience as an athlete, training from coaching licenses, and his BSc (Hons) Coaching for Performance in Football — in which he has been trained by the head fitness coach at a Premier League, amongst other professionals — to increase physical adaptations for performance. A clear understanding of physiology and biomechanics, which allow an athlete to maximize physical development and efficiency, are the foundation of Mino’s training methods.

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